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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

DataStage UNIX Commands

I've been asked so many times for Unix/Linux command which we usually used in DataStage. Here, I have tried to compile them together, please let me know if I missed something here. Njoy ....... :)

•Check the permissions
1.Log on to server as dsadm or root
2.cd $DSHOME/bin
3.ls -l | grep rws

The output should be (6) files owned by root with the setuid bit set -- especially the uv file.

•Check to ensure that there was a clean restart of the DataStage Engine.
Here are the instructions for a clean restart of DataStage Engine:

1. Log on to server as dsadm or root
2. cd $DSHOME
3. source the environment:
. ./dsenv --> that's dot space dot slash dsenv

4. Check for DataStage client connections
ps -ef | grep dsapi_slave
ps -ef | grep dscs

If there are any connections found, use kill -9 to remove them.

5. Check for jobs processes:
ps -ef | grep phantom

If there are any connections found, use kill -9 to remove them.

6. Check datastage shared memory segments:
ipcs - mop | grep ade

If there any shared memory segments returned, remove them, use command:
ipcrm -m ID , where ID is the number from the second column of ipcs -mop

7. Check if there is any port hung using:
netstat -a | grep dsrpc

If you get any results and the dsrpc is in WAIT then you need to wait until this it disappears (you can also reboot the machine).

8. At this point you can stop or start the DataStage Engine.
bin/uv -admin -stop
bin/uv -admin -start

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