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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Steps to configure DB2 to support remote TCP/IP clients

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Sometimes we need to add port which can be listen by DB2. As DB2 can listen any port no lying between 1 to 64000. By default DB2 is using the port no 5000 but in any case if we have to change it to other so here I am describing it.
1. Add an entry to the TCP/IP Services file that looks similar to the following example:
db2c1svc        50000/tcp              # DB2 Instance connection port for instance DB2C1
The service name db2c1svc can be any name you choose, but must be unique in the Services file and must match the value you specify for the SVCENAME parameter in the DBM CFG file.
The port number you specify should be an integer greater than 1024. The port numbers must be unique within the Services file.
The maximum length for the SVCENAME value is 14 characters. This parameter is case sensitive.
The tcp after the port number must be in lower case.
2. On a Linux or UNIX system, the services file is located in the directory path of /etc/services. You must be root to update it. On a Windows system, the Services file is located in the directory path of \windows\system32\drivers\etc\services.

3. On an AIX system, synchronize the /etc/services file and the inetd daemon by executing the following commands:
# inetimp
# refresh -s inetd

** We can add the DB2 service name in DBM CFG file by executing the following commands
db2> update dbm cfg SVCENAME <service_name>


db2> update dbm cfg SVCENAME db2c1svc

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