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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

What can you delete to free up disk space in IBM InfoSphere Information Server

What can you delete to free up disk space in IBM InfoSphere Information Server when disks are becoming full?

What to do ????

Here are some things you can do to clean up space:
  • Clear the &PH& file in the Project directory. There is a &PH& directory in each DataStage project directory, which contains information about active stages that is used for diagnostic purposes. The &PH& directory is added to every time a job is run, and needs periodic cleaning out.

    To clear the file from within DataStage:

    Ensure there are no DataStage jobs running anywhere on the system by running "ps -ef | grep dsrpc"

    From the DataStage Administrator, go to the Projects page, select the project whose file you want to clear and click the Command button. The Command Interface dialog box opens.

    Type the following into the command field: CLEAR.FILE &PH& (all uppercase)

    Click Execute to run the command and clear the file.

    For additional information, go to Command to delete files in &PH&

  • The RT_LOG* files are cleared when you clear the log of a job from the Director. You can also set up auto-purge to purge the job logs. Here is more information on the auto-purge capability.

    The auto-purge setting will work only on new jobs that have Auto-purge enabled before they are created. Auto-purge is enabled from DS Admin; once you have enabled the Auto-purge option in DS Admin, this will purge job logs for all NEW jobs created in that project. In order to enable the auto purge setting for EXISTING jobs, you must export/import the job. On the import the auto-purge setting will be applied.

  • You can also cleanup space by removing the jobs you do not need. Please note it is highly advisable you do so via DS Director, deleting the jobs that you no longer need, or exporting the jobs and then removing the ones you no longer need/run.

  • If users create Hash files in the project, using the account option, you may want to have them use the Directory path option. This way user files are kept out of the project directory. Note: If UV stages are used in the jobs then switching from Account to Directory Path will not be seamless. If this is the case then you will want to research this further.

  • If you use sort in your jobs, the sort jobs would use the /tmp directory as a temporary working area, so you can check the /tmp directory for any temp files no longer needed and clean up this directory.

  • Clean up scratch and resource disk directories, as applicable.

  • Remove temporary lookup filesets, refer to Deleting temporary lookuptable files in IBM InfoSphere DataStage

  • Remove data sets, refer to Managing and Deleting Persistent Data Sets within IBM InfoSphere Datastage