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Monday, October 01, 2012

Useful Perl Scripts : Part-2

1.   To Split the text and join


$lin = "Hello who is there in this house";
# my @parts = <$_>;
my @parts = split(/\s+/,$lin);
$string = join("  ",@parts[0..3]);
$string1 = join(" ",@parts[4..6]);
print "String is $string\n";
print “String1 is $string1\n”;

Sample Output:

String is Hello who is there
String1 is in this house



2.   To Fetch a substring of a string


$string = "hello!! Are you there!!";
$temp = substr($string,2);          # starts from the 2nd position of a string.
$temp1 = substr($string,0,2);             # starts at 0'th position of a string and ends at 2nd
print "Substring value is $temp\n";       # Substring value is  llo!! Are you there!!
print "substring value is $temp1\n";      # Substring value is  he



3.   To Find length of an Array


@array = (1,2,3,4);
print $#array+1;

njoy the simplicity.......
Atul Singh

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