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Thursday, June 20, 2013

First time IIS User Setup - DataStage 8.7

Typical users list:
  • wasadmin
  • isadmin
  • db2inst1,db2iadm1
  • db2fenc1,db2fadm1
  • dasusr1,dasadm1
  • xmeta,xmeta (db owner)
  • xmetasr (staging area)
  • iauser,iadb (db user)
  • dsadm,dstage

0) Pre-requisite
a) Disable DS Server firewall
b) Disable SELinux.

1) Using Web Browser, login to Infosphere Information Server Console
a) Use wasadmin as user

2) Create new user
a) Expand "Users and Groups" from Navigation
b) Click on Users
c) Click on "New User"
- New "Users" tab should be opened.
d) Fill in
    User Name -> "dsadm"
    Password -> same password as you set for dsadm unix user
    First/Last Name -> "dsadm"
d) Set full Roles for this user
    Check all role under Roles section.
e) Save and close
- Of course you can limit the roles as well as create group with those roles for ease of maintaining the system. The task is here rather to get system working first.

3) Link the user to Server Engine
a) Expand "Domain Management" from Navigation
b) Click on "Engine Credentials"
c) Choose the server
d) Open Configuration
e) Check "Share User registry between Infosphere Information Server and its engine.
f) Save and close

4) Setup Windows client machine
a) Add DS server name and ipaddress to Windows hosts file.
b) Run "UpdateSignerCerts.bat -host <ipaddress> -port 9080
c) Launch Designer
    Host : <ipaddress>:9080
    user: dsadm
    pass: <password>