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Saturday, July 14, 2012

How to Restore/backup the PuTTy settings…

Hello guys,
I don’t know if this is useful or not but sharing here a small tricks of taking a backup/restore the PuTTy sessions settings.

Putty stores its settings in the Windows registry. To save a backup of your Putty settings, you'll need to export this registry key to a file.


1.      Click Start->Run and type "regedit" in the "Open" dialog. Click "Ok"

2.      Once Registry Editor starts, you'll be presented with an application which looks something like:

3.      Press "Ctrl+F" to bring up the Find dialog. Enter the name of the key, "SimonTratham" in the "Find What" field, and make sure only "Keys" is checked in the "Look At" section of the dialog. Finally, click "Find Next"

4.      The search may take a while. When the search completes we'll see the key name for which we're looking Or Go to this path  HKEY_CURRENT_USER à Software à SimonTatham

5.      Select “SimonTatham” and Click File->Export. Give your file an appropriate name like, "putty.reg" and click "Save"

6.      Save the putty.reg file somewhere safe. The file doesn't contain any passwords or actual SSH key values so no need to worry about if someone stole your settings

7.      Whenever you want to restore these settings, you have to Right Click on reg file and select the option Merge. This will add these settings to your Putty.

8.      Don’t double click on the Reg file otherwise it will overwrite your existing settings with the Reg files settings.

We are done here.

njoy the simplicity.......
Atul Singh

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