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Saturday, July 14, 2012

How to deploy a configuration file in DataStage

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Now how to Deploy/Apply the Conf file.

Deploying the new configuration file


Now that you have created a new configuration file, you use this new file instead of the default file. You use the Administrator client to deploy the new file. You must have DataStage® Administrator privileges to use the Administrator client for this purpose.
To deploy the new configuration file:
1.      Select Start > Programs > IBM Information Server > IBM WebSphere DataStage and QualityStage Administrator.
2.      In the Administration client, click the Projects tab to open the Projects window.
3.      In the list of projects, select the tutorial project that you are currently working with.
4.      Click Properties.
5.      In the General tab of the Project Properties window, click Environment.
6.      In the Categories tree of the Environment variables window, select the Parallel node.
7.      Select the APT_CONFIG_FILE environment variable, and edit the file name in the path name under the Value column heading to point to your new configuration file. The Environment variables window should resemble the one in the following picture:

You deployed your new configuration file. 

Applying the new configuration file

Now you run the sample job again.
You will see how the configuration file overrides other settings in your job design.

To apply the configuration file:
1.      Open the Director client and select the sample job.
2.      Click << button to reset the job so that you can run it again.
3.      Run the sample job.

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