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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

How to use ISTOOL for EXPORT IMPORT in DataStage

Location of command:

UNIX: /opt/IBM/InformationServer/Clients/istools/cli
Windows: IBM\InformationServer\Clients\istools\cli

Export command sample:

domain name: SERVER.us.ibm.com
port no: 9080
DS Server name: SERVER
DS Project name: Test

and we want to export parallel job PxCustom.pjb which is in folder "Jobs/PX Jobs/". then command would be -

istool export -dom SERVER.us.ibm.com:9080 -u admin -p admin -ar /test1.isx -ds ' "SERVER/Test/Jobs/PX Jobs/PxCustom.pjb" '

To export the job PxCustomer.pjb from Jobs/PX Jobs folder in the Test project on SERVER at port 9080, issue the following command:

istool export -dom SERVER.us.ibm.com:9080 -u admin -p admin -ar /test1.isx -ds ' "SERVER/Test/Jobs/PX Jobs/PxCustom.pjb" '

Import command sample:

Let's assume we want to import test1.isx file into a project called Test. command would be -

istool import -dom SERVER.us.ibm.com -u admin -p admin -ar /test1.isx -ds ' "SERVER/Test" '

There is no command to list contents of the project, but you can use export command with preview option to list contents of project or folder.

istool export -dom SERVER.us.ibm.com -u admin -p admin -ar /test1.isx -ds ' "SERVER/Test/*/*.*" ' -preview

ISTOOL Exit codes: 

0 - Success
1 - Warning
2 - Partial failure
3 - Export failed
4 - Export preview failed
5 - Invalid archive file
10 - Failed to connect to Information Server domain
11 - Invalid command syntax

Syntax and additional options can be done by executing istool -help. An example to get export help/syntax is below.

istool export -help
istool export [ Options ]

Possible values for: Options
Long Name: Short Name: Description:
-help , -h : print command usage
-domain , -dom : Name of Information Server domain
-username , -u : Name of user account on Information Server domain
-password , -p : Password for Information Server account
-verbose , -v : display progress
-silent , -s : silence command output
-archive , -ar : Archive file
-preview , -pre : Preview export task without executing
-abortIfError , -abort : Abort task on N errors
-updatearchive , -up : Update any existing Package file
-datastage , -ds : DataStage Assets

Options for: -datastage
-includedependent , -incdep : Include dependent items
-nodesign , -nodes : Exclude design items
-includeexecutable , -incexec : Include executable items
-base , -base : Prefix for Paths
DataStage item paths