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Friday, January 10, 2014

Datastage Common Errors and Solutions

While running ./NodeAgents.sh start command... getting the following error: “LoggingAgent.sh process stopped unexpectedly”

SOL:   needs to kill LoggingAgentSocketImpl
              Ps –ef |  grep  LoggingAgentSocketImpl   (OR)
              PS –ef |               grep Agent  (to check the process id of the above)

2.     Warning: A sequential operator cannot preserve the partitioning of input data set on input port 0
SOL:    Clear the preserve partition flag before Sequential file stages.

3.     Warning: A user defined sort operator does not satisfy the requirements.
  SOL:   Check the order of sorting columns and make sure use the same order when use join stage after sort to joing two inputs.

4.     Conversion error calling conversion routine timestamp_from_string data may have been lost. xfmJournals,1: Conversion error calling conversion routine decimal_from_string data may have been lost

SOL:    check for the correct date format or decimal format and also null values in the date or decimal fields before passing to datastage StringToDate, DateToString,DecimalToString or StringToDecimal functions.

5.     To display all the jobs in command line

SOL:   cd /opt/ibm/InformationServer/Server/DSEngine/bin
./dsjob -ljobs <project_name>

6.      “Error trying to query dsadm[]. There might be an issue in database server”
SOL:   Check XMETA connectivity.
db2 connect to xmeta (A connection to or activation of database “xmeta” cannot be made because of  BACKUP pending)

7.      “DSR_ADMIN: Unable to find the new project location”
SOL:   Template.ini file might be missing in /opt/ibm/InformationServer/Server.
           Copy the file from another severs.

8.      “Designer LOCKS UP while trying to open any stage”
SOL:   Double click on the stage that locks up datastage
           Press ALT+SPACE
           Windows menu will popup and select Restore
           It will show your properties window now
           Click on “X” to close this window.
           Now, double click again and try whether properties window appears.

9.      “Error Setting up internal communications (fifo RT_SCTEMP/job_name.fifo)
SOL:   Remove the locks and try to run (OR)
           Restart DSEngine and try to run (OR)
Go to /opt/ibm/InformationServer/server/Projects/proj_name/
ls RT_SCT* then
           rmf  RT_SCTEMP
           then try to restart it.

10.      While attempting to compile job,  “failed to invoke GenRunTime using Phantom process helper”
RC:     /tmp space might be full
           Job status is incorrect
           Format problems with projects uvodbc.config file
SOL:   a)         clean up /tmp directory
           b)        DS Director à JOB à clear status file
           c)         confirm uvodbc.config has the following entry/format:
                       [ODBC SOURCES]
                       <local uv>
                       DBMSTYPE = UNIVERSE
                       Network  = TCP/IP
                       Service =  uvserver
                       Host =

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