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Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Surrogate Key Generator - Delete State File

Adding this post as well with Surrogate Key walk through, In this post we will see how to delete a Surrogate Key State file. Its quite simple as creation.

a) Design :
Again, for the deletion of state file, we need only 1 stage in design and that is Surrogate Key Stage.

b) Properties  :
Open the stage and fill the properties accordingly.
Key Source Action : "DELETE"
Source Name = 'full path of state file which you want to delete'

Save, Compile and Run this job to delete the State file.
In business, there are very less chances ( <2%) where we need to delete the state file, this is only happen when due to any reason State file got corrupted and we need to create new one.

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In next post we will discuss how to use a Surrogate Key in real time and what if the state file got corrupt what are the next steps to maintain Surrogate Key ?

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