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Monday, June 01, 2015

Trigger types in Sequencer Job

While designing Sequencer jobs when we are using any Sequencer Stage ( Job activity, Command activity or others ), it has a tab named 'trigger' which actually determine the actions that occur when the activity runs. Each activity can output different trigger types. 

Three types of triggers are available, with some types having subtypes.
A conditional trigger runs the target activity if the source activity fulfills the specified condition. The condition is defined by an expression, and can be one of the following types:
Conditional triggerAction
OKRuns the target activity if the source activity succeeds
FailedRuns the target activity if the source activity fails
ReturnValueReturns a routine or command when the activity runs
WarningsReturns a message if the activity produces warnings
CustomRuns a customized trigger for the activity, which you define as an expression
User statusReturns a customized status message and write it to the log
An unconditional trigger runs the target activity once the source activity completes, regardless of what other triggers are run from the same activity.
An otherwise trigger is used as a default where a source activity has multiple output triggers, but none of the conditional triggers ran

There are few things we should remember with respect to triggers on sequences and they are as follows:

1 - Job activities in a sequence can have one input trigger and multiple output triggers.
2 - Trigger name must be unique in the activity, which help us to debug in case of failure, however you can have multiple same named triggers in a sequence.
3 - Trigger would fire if the source meets the conditions defined in the activity. 
4 - DataStage macros can be used in triggers.

We can say, by using correct triggers we can control Run flow in sequencer depending on business case to case.

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