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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Error while creating new jobs in DataStage

If you face the error error similar to below can occur when trying to save a newly created job:

Error On CREATE.FILE command
Creating file "RT_CONFIG4817 as type 30, mkdbfile: connot create file
RT_CONFIG4817. Unable to create operating system file "RT_CONFIG4817"

Solution :

This error usually comes when the  maximum number of sub-directories is reached in the project directory.

1. To identify if the limit of sub-directories in the project directory has been reached, run the command below. An error will be given in case maximum number has reached:

mkdir Test

If you are able to create means this is not the one which is causing the issue, continue with your analysis .

2. If not, means the maximum number of sub-directories is reached.

To Solve this issue we can follow below steps :-

Exporting jobs in the project category by category, reallocate jobs into new projects;
Move some sub-directories to another directory then use a softlink to link them back into the project directory. This approach requires lots of system management efforts and is recommended to engage with your systems administrator.

I will prefer the first one.

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