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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Read/Write/Load Message with MQ : Part-1

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Stage MQ: The 3 parameters are: Queue manager, User and Password.

Properties: (Input tab / General)

  • Queue Name. The name of a queue or namelist to which messages are written.
  • Rows per Message. The number of rows the stage buffers before executing a write. The default is one write per row arriving on the input link.
  • Message Priority. The priority of the message that is written to the queue. A value of -1 causes the message to be written with the default priority of the queue manager. Zero is the lowest priority.
  • Message Expiry. The length of time in tenths of a second that a message remains on the queue. If the message remains on the queue longer, it is discarded. A value of -1 represents an indefinite amount of time. A value of 0 is not allowed.
  • Message Persistence. The persistence of messages written to the queue.

Write manually a message in the Queue: Before using the MQ Stage, PUT a message from Line command.
Send the msg “Hola88”, and view the message since “Messages Explorer