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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

What is MQ Stage ???


The WebSphere MQ stage is a passive stage that offers a message based solution to customers where messaging represents another form of source and target data. The WebSphere MQ stage lets WebSphere DataStage read from and write to WebSphere MQ message queues. You can use this stage as:
  • An intermediary between applications, transforming messages as they are sent between programs
  • A conduit for the transmission of legacy data to a message queue
  • A message queue reader for transmission to a non-messaging target
Message-based communication is powerful because two interacting programs do not have to be running concurrently as they do when operating in a classic conversational mode. You can use WebSphere DataStage to transform and manipulate message contents, opened as rows and columns within the DataStage engine, like any other data stream. All of the benefits of using an ETL tool for data warehousing can now be applied to application integration.
You can use the WebSphere MQ stage as a source or a target in any DataStage data flow diagram. It handles data in standard row and column format. As a message writer, the stage writes only datagram messages. As a message reader, the stage accepts all message types.
  • If the reads are browse reads, the message remains on the queue.
If transaction control for a unit of work applies, the message is removed from the queue but only after the commit following a successful write

Functionality :
  • Reads from and writes to WebSphere MQ message queues.
  • Connects to a single queue manager, but can open several queues. You can associate each link with a different queue.
  • Processes string-formatted messages.
Provides read options to maintain the message on the queue, delete the message immediately after it is read, or delete the message when the job completes successfully.