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Friday, October 18, 2013

WebSphere Application Server[WAS] fails to start in Linux

The application server fails to start after system is restarted. No messages are generated in the application server logs.
The Metadata server startup script fails to finish. You must issue the nohup command for the Metadata server startup script.

Check to ensure that WebSphere Application Server is running.
To connect to the application server using an Internet browser:
  1. Start your Internet browser.
  2. Type the application server address in the form: http//isserver:portnumber, where isserver is the name of the computer where the services tier is installed or its tcp/ip address, and portnumber is the port for connecting to the services tier (by default, 9080).
If the application server has started, the login screen is displayed; otherwise an error message is displayed.


Run the following command to locate the WebSphere Application Server startup scripts on your computer:
  1. cd /etc
    find . -name "*" -print | xargs grep -i InformationServer
    This command might return multiple files with various prefixes in the name. Some files might be links to other files and could reflect the change you made in the original file without needing to edit each file that was found. If you have multiple instances of WebSphere Application Server installed, unique files might exist for each WebSphere Application Server instance. You only have to modify the files that reference the instances of WebSphere Application Server that you have configured to start as non-root.
  2. Identify the files that you need to modify. Typically, you must modify the following files: /etc/init.d/ISFServer
  3. In each file, change the following content.
    Locate the following text, where IS_install_path is the directory where you installed InfoSphere® Information Server. The default installation path is /opt/IBM/InformationServer:
    Change the text to match this example:
    nohup "IS_install_path/ASBServer/bin/MetadataServer.sh"
  4. Save the modified files and restart your system.