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Friday, October 25, 2013

DataStage Scenario - Problem1

Goal :

Process a text file which contains records arranged in blocks consisting of a header record, details (items, body) and a trailer. The aim is to normalize records and load them into a relational database structure.

Details :

The input file in our scenario is a stream of records representing invoices. Each invoice consists of :
- A header containing invoice number, dates, customer reference and other details
- One or more items representing ordered products, including an item number, quantity, price and value
- A trailer which contains summary information for all the items

The records are distinguished by the first character in each line: H stands for headers, I for items and T for the trailers.
The lines in a section of the input file are fixed length (so for example all headers have the same number of characters but it varies from items).

Input data:
Text file in a Header-trailer format. The file presented in our example is divided into headers, items and trailers.
- A header starts with a letter H and then contains an invoice number, a customer number, a date and invoice currency
- Every item starts with a letter I which is followed by product ID, product age, quantity and net value
- The trailer starts with a T and contains two values which act as a checksum: the total number of invoice lines and a total net value.

Output data: