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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

A SQL Client Tool - TeraData Studio Express

Teradata Studio Express is a graphical Java program, developed on the Eclipse Rich Client Platform (RCP),  that will allow you to view the structure of a JDBC compliant database, browse the data in tables, issue SQL commands etc.
This is a nice tool which can connect many DBs like Aster database, DB2 for LUW, DB2 for i5/OS, DB2 for z/OS, Oracle, SQL Server, Generic JDBC connection and of course TeraData DB.

You can download Teradata Studio from HEREFor more information about Teradata Studio visit HERE.  You also need the DB Drivers ( JDBC drivers/jar files  ) for connecting DBs from HERE

Install Instructions;


     Download the Teradata Studio Express zip file from the download site.

  For Windows install:
     1) Unzip the Teradata Studio Express package to your local file system.
     2) Run the setup.exe to launch the Teradata Studio Express installation.
     3) Teradata Studio Express is installed in the Program Files directory.

For Linux install:
    1) Unzip and untar the Teradata Studio Express package to your local file system.
        gunzip TeradataStudioExpress__linux_x86.
        tar -xvf TeradataStudioExpress__linux_x86.

    2) Change directories (CD) to the TeradataStudioExpress. directory
        cd TeradataStudioExpress.
    3) Switch to Super User or Root and execute the RPM (Package Management) command to      install Teradata Studio Express on Linux.
        ./studioexpressinstall TeradataStudioExpress-

    4) Provide the path to where you would like to install Teradata Studio Express. The default location is /opt/teradata. When Teradata Studio Express is started, a 'workspace' directory is created in the location where you launched Teradata Studio Express (TeradataStudioExpress) from.
       This directory contains workspace files, including the SQL project folder.  The teradata.log file is located in the install /configuration directory.

Running Teradata Studio Express:


       Double click the Teradata Studio Express desktop icon shortcut.

       Update your path variable to include the TeradataStudioExpress directory. Execute TeradataStudioExpress.

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