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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Interview Questions : DataStage - self-3

100    If 1st and 8th record is duplicate then which will be skipped? Can you configure it?
101    How do you import and export datastage jobs? What is the file extension? (See each component while importing and exporting).
102    How do you rate yourself in DataStage?
103    Explain DataStage Architecture?
104    What is repository? What are the repository items?
105    What is difference between routine and transform?
106    When you write the routines?

107    What is the complex situation you faced in DataStage?
108    "System variable, what are system variables used your project?"
109    What are the different datastage functions used in your project?
110    Difference between star schema and snow flake schema?
111    "What is confirmed, degenerated and junk dimension?"
112    What are confirmed facts?
113    Different type of facts and their examples?
114    What are approaches in developing data warehouse?
115    Different types of hashed files?
116    What are routines and transforms? How you used in your project?
117    Difference between Data Mart and Data Warehouse?
118    What is surrogate key? How do you generate it?
119    What are environment variables and global variables?
120    How do you improve the performance of the job?
121    What is SCD? How do you developed SCD type1 and SCD type2?
122    How do you generate surrogate key in datastage?
123    What is job sequence?
124    What are plug-ins?
125    How much data you can get every day?
126    What is the biggest table and size in your schema or in your project?
127    What is the size of data warehouse (by loading data)?
128    How do you improve the performance of the hashed file?
129    What is IPC Stage?
130    What are the different types of stages and used in your project?
131    What are the operations you can do in IPC Stage and transformer stage?
132    What is merge stage? How do you merge two flat files?
133    What is difference between ODBC and ORACLE OCI stage?
134    What difference between sequential file and hashed file?
135    Can you use sequential file as source to hashed file? Have you done it? What error it will give?
136    Why hashed file improve the performance?
137    Can aggregator and transformer stage used for sorting data? How
138    How many input links you can give to transformer?
139    Definition of Slowly Changing Dimensions? Types?
140    What is iconv and oconv functions?
141    What is the advantage of using OCI stage as compared to ODBC stage
142    What is the difference between Interprocess and inprocess? Which one is the best?

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