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Monday, July 07, 2014

DataStage Scenario - Design9 - job1

DataStage Scenario Problem -->  DataStage Scenario - Problem9

Solution Design :

a) Job Design :   
Below design will achieve the output as per our requirement.

b) Transformer Stage Properties :
 Input Source - a Seq file
Ouput target - 3 seq file with data
Map the input column to all 3 outputs.

Now setup constraints (condition) for each Link.

File A -  Mod(DSLink2.col1,9)=1 or Mod(DSLink2.col1,9)=2 or Mod(DSLink2.col1,9)=3
File B -  Mod(DSLink2.col1,9)=4 or Mod(DSLink2.col1,9)=4 or Mod(DSLink2.col1,9)=6
File C -  Mod(DSLink2.col1,9)=7 or Mod(DSLink2.col1,9)=8 or Mod(DSLink2.col1,9)=0

and Now..Compile and Run the job :-)

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