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Monday, February 24, 2014

How to find the patch History of IBM Infosphere DataStage - Version.xml

Version 8.0.1 onwards IBM Infosphere DataStage maintains the version/patch history in Version.xml file. Version.xml file contains all the information about the product version, modules of product installed, installed date etc.

Version.xml file is existing in $ISHOME path. So

a) cd $ISHOME
b) If this will not work, try below steps to get the IS Home dir
c) Execute below command to get ..

cd `ps -ef| grep dsrpc | grep -v grep | awk '{print $NF}' | sed 's/.\{26\}$//'`
ls -lrt Version.xml
sed -n '/History/,/\/History/p' Version.xml

This command will give you the version/patches history, like below…

<historicalevent description="Information Server Installation" eventdate="2012-11-16T14:09:42.354" installerid="information.server" installtype="INSTALL" rollback="/is/is/_uninstall" status="SUCCESS" userid="root" version="">
<historicalevent description="patch_JR42098_iis_all_8700-1: JR42098 Exporting a job should exclude the checkpoint record" eventdate="2013-10-02T13:01:40.438" installerid="patch_JR42098_iis_all_8700-1" installtype="PATCH" rollback="/is/is/Updates/patch_JR42098_iis_all_8700-1" status="Success" userid="root" version="">

Exception Case :

DataStage V7.5 , there is not a required place where patch history is kept. However, there is a customary default location, namely $DSHOME/../../patches that is referenced in the patch installation notes for most 7.5 patches. So this is the first place to look for the patch history of your 7.5.x system. You should be aware that this is not guaranteed to have all of the patches that have been applied to your system. You should confirm this with your DataStage administrator.

DataStage V8.0, If you will not find the Version.xml file, that will tell you that no patches or fix packs have been applied. In all other cases, the Version.xml file will exist and will have a history of patches and fix packs applied, and will also indicate whether the patch was successfully applied. 

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