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Saturday, August 09, 2014

DataStage Scenario - Design10 - job1

DataStage Scenario Problem -->  DataStage Scenario - Problem10 

Solution Design :

a) Job Design :  

   Below is the design which can achieve the output as we needed. In this design, we are reading the data from flat file, generating a dummy column in column generator stage, doing aggregate on that and sending the output to seq file.

b) Column Generator Stage :
      In column generator stage, we will generate a column DUMMY having value 'X' for all the rows which we are reading from the seq file

For generating value 'X' for all the rows, need to change extended metadata for the column DUMMY. Set generator for Cycle algorithm with value 'X'

Map the Salary and DUMMY column to output of Column Generator stage

c) Aggregator Stage :

In aggregator stage, we will aggregate on the DUMMY column and calculate the MAX of Salary.

and Map the Max Salary to Output .

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