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Monday, September 08, 2014

Peek Stage in DataStage - 3

In today's post, we will discuss a important property of PEEK stage. What if you want to peek some data as well as want to take action or wanna do something with data after peeking. For enabling this, datastage gives you a option to do this.

1. Job Design :

for this demo, we will use below job design to explain, as you can see, There are 2 link coming out from PEEK stage. 
First Link  --> This link contain the PEEK data as per property defined in peek stage. (here you can see 40 rows ( 10 rows from each partition x 4 nodes )
Second Link --> this link contain the Whole stream data.  ( All 100 rows )

2. PEEK stage Properties :

Peek stage properties will be the same as previous demos. "PEEK Records Output Mode" will be set as "OUTPUT".

So By Peek stage, we can peek as well as use the whole data in same job :-). Please let me know your thoughs, questions or any request for special tutorial.

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