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Friday, September 05, 2014

Peek Stage in DataStage - 2

Lets continue our journey with PEEK stage, today in this post, I am going to share one more option about PEEK stage. Sending the Peek data into a output file..

1. Job design :  

For this demo job, we will use below job design. You can see we have attached a seq file after the peek stage which will capture the Peeked data

2. Peek Stage Properties :

For doing this, we need to setup below properties for PEEK stage, Remaining all are same except "Peek Record Output Mode" property, which was set to JOB LOG, but here it is set to "OUTPUT". By setting this property, whatever output we are expecting in DS job log now will move to this output file.

 After doing this setup, you can attach a output link from Peek Stage, which will connect to target ( can be anything file, dataset or something else as per your need ). The target stage will contain the data which is peeked from Peek Stage.

There is one more and interesting properties of Peek Stage which will discuss in next post.
till then, stay tune... :-)

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