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Monday, November 17, 2014

DataStage Error - Cannot authenticate user

When you attempt to start one of the InfoSphere DataStage and QualityStage Administrator clients, the following message is displayed:
Failed to authenticate
the current user against the selected Domain:  Invalid user name (username)
or password.
There are several possible causes of this problem.
  • The user name is invalid.
  • The password is invalid or has expired.
  • The user has no suite user role.
  • Credential mapping is required, but has not been defined for this user.
  • The user has no DataStage role or has the incorrect DataStage role.

You can diagnose the likely cause of your problem by identifying where the problem occurs:
  • InfoSphere Information Server authentication is performed when you retrieve a list of available projects in the Attach to Project window. If you get an error when retrieving the project list, then the user name or password are invalid, or the user has no suite user role, or credential mapping is required, but has not been performed.
  • DataStage role checking is performed when you attach to the project. If you can retrieve the list of projects but you cannot attach to a project, then the problem lies with the DataStage role for this user.

Solution :-

Information on resolving issues concerned with user roles is available in the following topics:

Information on creating users when configuring InfoSphere Information Server is in the following topic:

Information on credential mapping is in the following topic:

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