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Friday, November 07, 2014

DataStage Error - Client logins fail with Error: 39125

DataStage client logins fail with error: 39125: the directory you are connecting to either is not a uv account or does not exist.

This error usually indicates that one of the 6 files required to make a UniVerse account is missing from the directory of the DataStage project which has the problem or that the user does not have permission to access these files. Those 6 files/directories are:


The actions needed to resolve this problem will depend upon which files are missing or damaged in project having the problem:
  1. Login to an authorized operating system userid on the DataStage server machine, i.e. dsadm.
  2. Change directory to the failing project directory, i.e.
    cd /opt/IBM/InformationServer/Server/Projects/myproject
  3. If any of the following 4 files are missing, they can be copied from the InformationServer/Server/Template directory to the project directory that is missing the file:
  4. If the D_&SAVEDLISTS& directory is missing, you will need to copy from the Template directory to project directory the D_&SAVEDLISTS& directory and any contents (usually one small file).
  5. If the VOC file is missing, that file will need to be recovered in one of the following 2 methods:
If the files indicated above are not missing, then check that the user is included in the DataStage group; the default group is dstage.

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