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Friday, November 14, 2014

Linux Shell session setup for DataStage Command Line

To setup Linux Shell for Datastage command line is very important if you are a DataStage Developer and want to work hassle free on DataStage Command Line.

Follow below steps to setup your profile ---

a) First, we will create .dshome file which is containing the path of DS Engine. If you know what it is, good, create a file in root dir with DS Engine path
otherwise execute below scripts to do it by itself

b) Now create .profile and .kshrc or .bashrc (update as your shell support) in your HOME dir by copying below content to respective file

i- .profile file

ii- .kshrc file

If you have done with all above steps correctly, please logout from current session and login again to get run above settings for your user profile. Now, you can use DataStage command line in your Linux Shell session.

Happy Coding .....!!!

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