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Sunday, August 19, 2012

How to start/stop the DataStage Services in Windows with batch (.bat) file

Hi Friends

Normally, When we install the datastage in Windows, It installed a Service in Control Panel called “DataStage”. For stopping and starting the DS services we have to double click on it and press the button Start/Stop. 

As this is not open with the admin rights, you can face the issue while starting or stopping the services like – Access Denied.
For preventing this you can use these batch files which can start/stop with admin rights. You just run these bat files with admin rights by right clicking on the files and select the “Run as Administrator”

For Stopping the Services
 Just copy n paste in txt file and save as dsStop.bat

net stop dsrpc
net stop dstelnet
net stop DSEngine
net stop ASBAgent
net stop LoggingAgent  

For Starting the Services
Just copy n paste in txt file and save as dsStart.bat

net start dsrpc
net start dstelnet
net start DSEngine
net start ASBAgent
net start LoggingAgent 

njoy the simplicity.......
Atul Singh

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