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Thursday, January 31, 2013

InfoSphere DataStage Client logon fails with the error: User name and/or password incorrect (80011)

When trying to logon to InfoSphere DataStage Clients (Designer, Director or Administrator) logon fails with the error: Failed to connect to DataStage server: <servername> , project: UV(User name and/or password incorrect (80011))The same user can successfully logon to the Web Console.


IBM InfoSphere Information Analyzer, WebSphere DataStage, and WebSphere QualityStage require that there is a valid operating system user id on the computer where the engine tier is installed. For each IBM Information Server user that needs to access the IBM Information Server engine, you must map the IBM Information Server user credentials to the engine tier operating system user credentials. If this value is incorrect you receive this error message.


InfoSphere Information Server 8.x using Internal registry.
The error indicates that the credential mapping is incorrect. To resolve this do the following:
1.     In Web Console determine which OS user the Internal registry user is mapped to by doing the following:

o    Log into the Web Console.
o    Select the Administration tab.
o    Expand Domain Management.
o    Select DataStage Credentials.
o    Select the Server and then click Open User Credentials.

The Suite User is listed in the first column and the second column has the DataStage and QualityStage Operating System User the Suite User is mapped to.

2.     Log onto the OS, where DataStage Engine is installed using the mapped user to confirm that the user and password are correct. 

o    When looking at the DataStage Credentials the mapped user is the user listed under the column DataStage and QualityStage Operating System User.
o    Therefore if the Suite User MyUser is mapped to dsadm then I would log onto the OS where DataStage Engine is installed as dsadm.

3.     Update the credential mapping for the user in the Web Console by selecting the user and then typing the user name and password under Assign User Credential and clicking Apply. 

o    For example you may find that the password for the mapped user is incorrect and needs to be updated.