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Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Speed up your Lotus Notes performance by tuning the JVM

Lotus Notes uses Java Virtual Machine (JVM) for processing of Lotus Notes applications and plugins. 

IBMs Lotues Notes client configuration has a standard value that defines how many megabytes of RAM Lotus Notes can maximally use for JVM. This value is for PCs with above 1 GB RAM initially set too low, as it should be approx. 1/3 of the RAM of the PC (default value = 256 MB, but should be 768 MB).

How to change this:

1.) Shut down Lotus Notes. 
- To be sure no processes are running in the background, run this command from Start -> Run
Type C:\notes\nsd.exe -kill

2.) Find the file "jvm.properties" in this folder (depending on Lotus Notes version):

In Lotus Notes version 8.5.x:

3.) Open the jvm.properties files in a texteditor like notepad.  

4.) You will now see a text surrounded by a lot of pound signs ####

The first 'property' after the last # sign is: 
This is where you must change 256 MB RAM to 768 RAM (if you have 2GB RAM installed which is IBM standard)

5.) Save your changes and close the file.

Now start Lotus Notes and hopefully you will find it a lot faster already at password prompt and afterwards for opening workspace, mailbox etc.

till then.....
njoy the simplicity.......