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Friday, July 12, 2013

Basics of Teradata Database

What exactly is a Teradata Database?

• Teradata Database is a RDMS (Relational Database Management System) which helps in driving the company’s Data warehouse.
• It provides foundation for the company to grow, compete, evolve business by getting answers to a new generation of questions (typically “what if” queries)
• It supports business growth from gigabytes to whooping hundreds of Terabytes
• Teradata Database is an Open system and compliant with major support from ANSI standards
• It works on UNIX MP-RAS, WINDOWS and LINUX operating systems, connects with other client through Network Attached channel (TCP/IP) and Channel connection for Mainframe.

Why Teradata Database?

•  Ability to keep up with rapid changes and ever growing demand from business (through Scalability)
•  It supports and maintains
     o Enterprise Data warehousing
     o Active Data warehousing
     o CRM
     o DataMarts

What makes Teradata Database unique?

1. Single Data store
* Doesn’t replicate data for different requests from varied clients
* Concurrent approach, avoids data replication for each requests
2. Scalability
*  Provides Linear Scalability, slope of 1.
*  If you add a Node (memory block), increases performance without delayed throughput
* Supports terabytes of data. (10power12)
3. Unconditional Parallelism
* Multiple processors work together to accomplish a task
4. Parallel aware Optimizer
* Aware of all components present in the system
* It determines the Least Expensive path (time-wise)
5. Ability to model the business
* Provides Single View of Business
* Focus is on the whole-Business Model and on individual model