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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

DWH One Liners - Part-1

Part 2 : You can find HERE

Ad hoc reports
Predefined reports that cater to the requirements of novice users.

Refers to the analysis and interpretation of data using suitable statistical tools and techniques.

Business intelligence
Refers to the technologies, methods, and processes employed to understand data stored in data warehouses that will in turn help make important business decisions.
BI is getting the right information into the right people's hand in a format that allows them to understand the data quickly.
And more formal definition from wiki:
"BI refers to skills, processes, technologies, applications, and practices to support decision making"

(Thanks for this share Avik Sadhu)

business key
An index in a database that identifies the uniqueness of a row based on columns that exist naturally in a table.

A data mining technique where data is logically grouped into different clusters based on their characteristics.

Communication-driven support system
Facilitates information sharing, communication, and decision making between groups of people.

conformed dimension
A dimension that has the same meaning to every fact with which it relates.

A multidimensional data structure used to capture and analyze data.

data Integration
A technique in which data from disparate sources are integrated into a consistent format.

data warehouse
A centralized enterprise-scale database system specifically designed to gather, store, and integrate data from multiple operational systems and make it available for reporting and business decision support.

data warehouse (Ralph Kimball)
A copy of transaction data specifically structured for query and analysis.

data extraction
Refers to the process of retrieving data from different source systems.

data loading
Process of transferring the transformed data into the data warehouse.

data mart
A miniature data warehouse that has been customized to fit the requirements of a department.

Data mining
The process of detecting patterns, trends, and relationships in data using artificial intelligence.

data presentation
Describes all the methods and systems by which information from the warehouse is made available to users.

Data storage
A separate repository that stores large volumes of data.

data transformation
Process of filtering the extracted data based on a set of rules.

data warehouse (Bill Inmon)
A subject-oriented, integrated, nonvolatile, and time variant collection of data in support of management’s decisions.

Data-driven support system
Provides internal and external data to users for decision making.

decision support system
An interactive and computerized interface that provides strategic data for stakeholders to make important decisions.

Decision tree
A prediction technique where decisions used to categorize data, and their outcomes are represented in the form of a tree structure.

The process of placing information in multiple locations.

Desktop-driven support system
A small application that is connected to data warehouses to enable decision making.

dimension tables
Tables used to establish the context of the facts.

dimensional database
A single large table of facts described using measures and dimensions.

In a dimensional database, the context for a fact and is used in queries to group related facts together.