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Tuesday, July 09, 2013

When datastage file system becomes full, RT_LOGxxx files can become corrupted. Here is a manual procedure to recreate them

When many datastage jobs are running for long time, the RT_LOGxxx files can become very big. If the log files are not regularly purged, in some cases, a file system full on the datastage file system can occur. If the corruption of datastage system files is restricted to the RT_LOGxxx files, a procedure to delete and recreate the RT_LOGxxx files can be attempted in order to recover from the corruption.

We will get this error message appears when trying to open specific job from Director client:
"Error calling subroutine: DSR_PROJECT (Action=8); check DataStage is set up correctly in project PPPP (Subroutine failed to complete successfully (30107)"
Other similar errors may occur as well. This is mainly happened cause RT_LOGxxx files got corrupted for file system full, or other similar system crash.

We can resolve this issue by Recreating the RT_LOGnn files for the job.
you can find here ..... Recreation of RT_LOGxx