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Saturday, September 14, 2013

How can I improve performance during an import into Datastage?

One way to improve performance of an import is to exclude the executables.
Here are three different ways to exclude executables from the import. 

  • Exclude the executables from the export.
    In DataStage Designer export using the option export Jobs without executables.

  • Create an xml file instead of a dsx file.
    Executables are not included in xml files.
    (The xml option is available with dscmdexport but only with /JOB option)

  • Use the IS Manager or istool command.
    See Technote: How to use ISTOOL for EXPORT IMPORT
    The IS Manager and istool command is the recommended way to move jobs
    into new projects.

    You can use the istool command line interface (CLI) to export assets to an archive file. The default extension of the archivefile is .isx.
    When using the istool command, if you do not use the parameter -incexe, it will not include executables.