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Friday, September 20, 2013

Failure to connect to DataStage services tier: invalid port

When you attempt to start one of the DataStage clients, the following message is displayed:
Failed to authenticate
the current user against the selected Domain:  Could not connect to
server [servername] on port [portnumber].

Some Checks :

The port number is incorrect or is unavailable.

You can check whether the application server is running by attempting to connect to the application server by using an Internet browser.
To connect to the application server using an Internet browser:
  1. Start your Internet browser.
  2. Type the application server address in the form: http//isserver:portnumber, where isserver is the name of the computer where the services tier is installed or its tcp/ip address, and portnumber is the port for connecting to the services tier (by default, 9080).
If the application server has started, the login screen is displayed; otherwise an error message is displayed.
Test whether the port is accessible from the client computer by typing at the command line:
telnet hostname port 
If you get an error message, then the port is inactive. If you get no response, then the port is active.
You can also test which ports are listening on the server computer by typing the following command:
netstat -a
Look for an entry in the form: isserver:port_number
You can check whether you are specifying the correct port number in the WebSphere Administrative Console. To look up the port number:
  1. From the start menu, select IBM WebSphere > Application Server v6 > Profiles > default > Administrative console to start the WebSphere Administrative Console.
  2. Log in using the websphere user name and password that was specified when IBM InfoSphere Information Server was installed.
  3. In the left pane, select Servers > Application servers
  4. Click the server1 link.
  5. Select Communications > Ports.
  6. Look for the port number for WC_defaulthost. This is the port number you should use when connecting to the application server.

Solution :

If the application server is not running, attempt to start the service.
To start the application server where the services tier is installed on a Microsoft Windows computer, click Start > All Programs > IBM WebSphere > Application Server v6 > Profiles > default > Start the server
To start the application server where the services tier is installed on a UNIX or Linux computer, you must have root authority. To start the application server, do the following steps:
  1. From a terminal window, change to the WASInstDir/ASBServer/bin/ directory. WASInstDir is the installation directory for the application server. The default installation directory is /opt/IBM/InformationServer/.
  2. Run the following command:
    ./MetadataServer.sh start
You can also check whether there is a firewall between the client and the server. If there is a firewall, temporarily disable it to verify that all inbound and outbound ports are open.