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Saturday, November 02, 2013

Interview Questions : DataStage - self-1

Sharing some collection of InterView Questions. Try these to rank your knowledge :-)

1    Types of Stages in DS? Explain with Examples
2    What are active stages and passive stages?
3    Can you filter data in hashed file? (No)
4    Difference between sequential and hashed file?
5    How do you populate time dimension?
6    Can we use target hashed file as lookup? (Yes)
7    What is Merge Stage?
8    What is Job Sequencer?
9    What are stages in sequences?
10    How do you pass parameters?
11    What parameters you used in your project?

12    What are log tables?
13    What is job controlling?
14    Facts and dimension tables?
15    Confirmed dimensions?
16    Difference between OLTP and OLAP?
17    Difference between star schema and snow flake schema?
18    What are hierarchies? Examples?
19    What are materialized views?
20    What is aggregation?
21    What is surrogate key? Is it used for both fact and dimension tables?
22    Why do you go for oracle sequence generator rather than datastage routine?
23    Flow of data in datastage?
24    Initial loading and incremental loading?
25    What is SCD? Types?
26    How do you develop SCD type2 in your project?
27    How do you load dimension data and fact data? Which is first?
28    Difference between oracle function and procedure?
29    Difference between unique and primary key?
30    Difference between union and union all?
31    What is minus operator?
32    What is audit table?
33    If there is a large hash file and a smaller oracle table and if you are looking up from transformer in different jobs which will be faster?
34    Tell me about SCD’s?
35    How did you implement SCD in your project?
36    What are derivations in transformer?
37    How do you use surrogate key in reporting?
38    "Logs view in datastage, logs in Informatica which is clear?"
39    How does pivot stage work?
40    What is surrogate key? What is the importance of it? How did you implement it in your project?
41    Totally how many jobs did you developed and how many lookups did you use totally?
42    How do constraint in transformer work?
43    How will you declare a constraint in datastage?
44    How will you handle rejected data?
45    Give me some performance tips in datastage?
46    Can we use sequential file as a lookup?
47    How does hash file stage lookup?

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