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Monday, September 30, 2013

Displaying/Change the attributes of a Queue Manager

Displaying the attributes of a Queue Manager
To display the attributes of a Queue Manager (say QMA), use the DIS QMGR MQSC command:

$ runmqsc QMA
And you will see:
: dis qmgr
            1 : dis qmgr
AMQ8408: Display Queue Manager details.
  QMNAME(QMA)                                                 ACCTCONO(DISABLED)
  ACCTINT(1800)                                    ACCTMQI(OFF)
  ACCTQ(OFF)                                        ACTIVREC(MSG)
  ALTDATE(2007-06-19)                          ALTTIME(20.34.04)

  AUTHOREV(DISABLED)                          CCSID(1252)
  CHAD(DISABLED)                                  CHADEV(DISABLED)
  CHADEXIT( )                                        CHLEV(DISABLED)
  CLWLDATA( )                                      CLWLEXIT( )
  CLWLLEN(100)                                                 CLWLMRUC(999999999)
  CLWLUSEQ(LOCAL)                              CMDLEVEL(600)
  CRTIME(20.34.04)                                DEADQ(DEAD.LETTER.QUEUE.QMA)
  DEFXMITQ( )                                        DESCR( )
  DISTL(YES)                                          INHIBTEV(DISABLED)
  IPADDRV(IPV4)                                    LOCALEV(DISABLED)
  LOGGEREV(DISABLED)                          MAXHANDS(256)
  MAXMSGL(4194304)                              MAXPRTY(9)
  MAXUMSGS(10000)                               MONACLS(QMGR)
  MONCHL(OFF)                                                 MONQ(OFF)
  PERFMEV(DISABLED)                             PLATFORM(WINDOWSNT)
  QMID(QMA_2007-06-19_20.34.04)         REMOTEEV(DISABLED)
  REPOS( )                                             REPOSNL( )
  ROUTEREC(MSG)                                  SCHINIT(QMGR)
  SCMDSERV(QMGR)                                SSLCRLNL( )
  SSLCRYP( )                                          SSLEV(DISABLED)
  SSLKEYR(C:\Program Files\IBM\WebSphere MQ\qmgrs\QMA\ssl\key)
  SSLRKEYC(0)                                        STATACLS(QMGR)
  STATCHL(OFF)                                                STATINT(1800)
  STATMQI(OFF)                                                 STATQ(OFF)
  STRSTPEV(ENABLED)                            SYNCPT

We can see the Dead Letter Queue name specifed on the CRTMQM command.

Changing the attributes of a Queue Manager
We can change the attributes of a Queue Manager by using the ALTER QMGR MQSC command. As an example, to change the MAXUMSGS value for a Queue Manager, issue the following command:

$ runmqsc QMA
: alter qmgr maxumsgs(10001)
   3 : alter qmgr maxumsgs(10001)
AMQ8005: WebSphere MQ queue manager changed.
: dis qmgr maxumsgs
   4 : dis qmgr maxumsgs
AMQ8408: Display Queue Manager details.
   QMNAME(QMA)                       MAXUMSGS(10001)
We can see that the value has been changed from the default value of 10,000 to the value we specifed in the command.

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