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Friday, January 13, 2012

Export , Import & Load utility in DB2 : Part - 3

LOAD Operation :: The LOAD utility write pages of data directly to the database instead of using SQL statements & does not record changes in any log files. This means that LOAD operation is faster than IMPORT transaction. However if LOAD transaction failes , the data cant be reloaded by performing a roll- forward recovery operation. To compensate for this , we have to create a backup copy of all data that is loaded so that it can be reloaded if necessary.

Syntax ::
LOAD <CLIENT> FROM [Filename of [DEL | ASC | IXF] | Pipename | Device| CursorName of Cursor , ...]
<LOBS FROM [LOBpath , ..]>
<MODIFIED BY [Modifier , ..]>
<SAVECOUNT [SaveCount]>
<ROWCOUNT [RowCount]>
<WARNINGCOUNT [WarningCount]>

(i) LOAD from Cust.ixf of ixf messages load_msgs.txt insert into customers 

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