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Friday, November 02, 2012

uniq : a cool nix filter

Hi guys,
Yesterday, I was sitting on my desk and doing usual boaring task ;-). Then I got a seq file containing more than 3 millions records and 5 column. What I have to do is fetch the duplicates records based on first column. It's quite easy in Nix environment with out taking help of any tool.

So i thought, I should share this to you also. Here It comes.....

Be warned that it is a bad idea to use uniq or any other tool to remove duplicate lines from files containing financial or other important data. In such cases, a duplicate line almost always means another transaction for the same amount, and removing it would cause a lot of trouble for the accounting department. Do not do it! Whatever you want to do, please keep a copy of original.

Usually 'uniq' is used with 'sort'. Here we will work only in 'uniq' command.

Lets have a look on the example file.

After Sorting..this will sort the data

then uniq, this will give the uniq records from file

what if we need no of occurance
use -c option --> put no of occurrence before input row

here, we can see uniq is case sensitive [ like.. alex or Alex ]
what if we need the case insensitive uniq records ..

use -i option ---> Case insensitive uniq

with no of occurrence

Now, the nice part of 'uniq'. We have 2 most important options

-u option  --->  Displays only the unrepeated lines

d option  --->  Displays only the repeated lines

Displays only the unrepeated lines with Counts

Displays only the repeated lines with Counts

Hoping this will help you in daily work.
For more options.examples, keep looking for the update...
till then...
njoy the simplicity.......