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Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Parallel job stages and server job stages [ A - F ]

 The stages in this document are included and available with IBM InfoSphere DataStage unless otherwise noted in the following key.

Palette category Description
Data Quality1 Available only with IBM InfoSphere QualityStage
Data Quality2 Available as a separately licensed add-on module to InfoSphere QualityStage
Application Available as an add-on Pack to IBM InfoSphere DataStage and QualityStage

The following key includes additional notes about stages in the Designer client.

Stage name Description
Stage name3 Available in the Stage Types folder in the repository tree, but is not displayed in the palette by default.

Alphabetic A - F: Stages in parallel jobs or server jobs

Stage name Job type Palette category Delivery and notes
Address Verification Parallel Data Quality2
Aggregator Parallel, server Processing
BASIC Transformer3 Parallel Processing Superseded by the Transformer stage
CASS Parallel Data Quality2
CDC Transaction Parallel Real Time Delivered as the CDC Transaction patch
Change Apply Parallel Processing
Change Capture Parallel Processing
Checksum Parallel Processing
Classic Federation Parallel Database
Column Export Parallel Restructure
Column Generator Parallel Development/Debug
Column Import Parallel Restructure
Combine Records Parallel Restructure
Command Stage  Server Processing
Compare Parallel Processing
Complex Flat File Parallel, server File
Compress Parallel Processing
Copy Parallel Processing
Data Set  Parallel File
DB2® Connector Parallel, server Database
DB2 Enterprise Parallel Database Superseded by the DB2 Connector stage
DB2 UDB API3 Parallel, server Database Superseded by the DB2 Connector stage
DB2 UDB Load3 Parallel, server Database Superseded by the DB2 Connector stage
DB2Z 3 Parallel Database Superseded by the DB2 Connector stage
Decode Parallel Processing
Difference Parallel Processing
Direct Access for PeopleSoft Enterprise Parallel, server Application
Distributed Transaction Parallel Database
DPID Parallel Data Quality2
DRS Connector Parallel, server Database
Dynamic RDBMS Parallel, server Database Superseded by the DRS Connector stage (Dynamic Relational Stage Connector stage)
Encode Parallel Processing
Essbase Connector Parallel Application
Expand Parallel Processing
External Filter Parallel Processing
External Source Parallel File
External Target Parallel File
File Set Parallel File
Filter Parallel Processing
Folder  Server File
FTP Enterprise Parallel Processing
FTP Plug-in Parallel, server Processing Superseded by the FTP Enterprise stage on the parallel canvas
Funnel  Parallel Processing

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