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Friday, February 14, 2014

List of strong points for InterView :-)

Most of time we stuck when Interviewer ask about our Strong Point, there are lot of reasons behind this ;-) anyways, Here sharing some words which can help you to decide. Pick which suits you but know them ;-) before using.

• A activating, adapting, administering, analyzing information, arranging, advising

• B budgeting, building teams, briefing, balancing,

• C communicating, controlling, co-ordinating, creating, checking, counseling, compiling, coaching

• D deciding, detailing, developing people, directing, devising, discovering, data input

• E empathizing, evaluating , examining, explaining, editing, empowering

• F finding, fixing, formulating, finalizing,

• G guiding a group or individual, gathering information, generating ideas, giving feedback,

• H helping, handling, hosting

• I, J imagining, implementing, influencing, initiating, innovating, interviewing, instructing, judging,

• L learning, listening, locating, launching, leading

• M managing, mentoring, monitoring, motivating, meeting people, marketing

• N negotiating, navigating

• observing, organizing, overhauling, overseeing

• P persuading, planning, preparing, presenting, problem-solving, proof reading, prioritizing

• Q questioning, qualifying,

• R researching, resolving, reporting, recording, repairing, reviewing

• S scheduling, selling, setting -up, supervising, simplifying, speaking, strategizing

• T teaching, team-work, trouble-shooting, training, tracking details, thinking creatively

• U understanding, uniting, upgrading, updating

• V, W verbalizing, volunteering, verifying, writing

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