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Friday, February 07, 2014

How to find Agents Ports in IBM InfoSphere Server - Version.xml

The list of installed products can be obtained from the Version.xml file that is located in ISHOME directory on the client, engine and domain machines where InfoSphere Information Server is installed.

Default locations
    UNIX /opt/IBM/InformationServer,
    WINDOWS C:\IBM\InformationServer

Below is a example listing of the Version.xml file:

Version.xml file is existing in $ISHOME path. So

 a) cd $ISHOME
 b) If this will not work, try below steps to get the ISHome dir

Execute below command to get ..
cd `ps -ef| grep dsrpc | grep -v grep | awk '{print $NF}' | sed 's/.\{26\}$//'`
ls -lrt Version.xml
grep port Version.xml | grep value

<PersistedVariable encrypted="false" name="dsrpc.port" persistent="true" readonly="false" value="31538"/>  
<PersistedVariable encrypted="false" name="is.console.port" persistent="true" readonly="false" value="9080"/>  
<PersistedVariable encrypted="false" name="isf.agent.port" persistent="true" readonly="false" value="31531"/> 
<PersistedVariable encrypted="false" name="jobmon.port.1" persistent="true" readonly="false" value="13400"/>
<PersistedVariable encrypted="false" name="jobmon.port.2" persistent="true" readonly="false" value="13401"/> 
<PersistedVariable encrypted="false" name="logging.agent.port" persistent="true" readonly="false" value="31533"/>  

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