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Wednesday, February 05, 2014

How to find the product installed with IBM Infosphere Server - Version.xml

The Installed product details we can get from Version.xml file, this file contains all the information about Server Installation, version etc.

Version.xml file is existing in $ISHOME path. So

 a) cd $ISHOME
 b) If this will not work, try below steps to get the DSEngine dir

 Execute below command to get ..
 cd `ps -ef| grep dsrpc | grep -v grep | awk '{print $NF}' | sed 's/.\{26\}$//'`

ls -lrt Version.xml
sed -n '/Products/,/\/Products/p'  Version.xml

This command will give you the version/patches history, like below…

productId="metadata.server" version=""/>
    <Product productId="WISD" version=""/>
    <Product productId="ISALite" version=""/>
    <Product productId="MetadataWorkbench" version=""/>
    <Product productId="IMAM" version=""/>
    <Product productId="ISTools" version=""/>
    <Product productId="DataStageCommon" version=""/>
    <Product productId="datastage" version=""/>
    <Product productId="Recovery" version=""/>

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