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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

How to Create Custom Stages in Datastage Parallel Jobs ?

In addition to the wide range of parallel stage types available, the Designer allows you to define your own stage types, which you can then use in parallel jobs.
For creating custom stage in datastage which will functions as per our requirement and we will be able to modify that stage as we may want. Here is some information on custom stage functionality in datastage in parallel jobs and how can we create our own wrapped custom stage.

Custom Stages:

Datastage allows you to create your own stages with custom properties.
There are three types of custom stages:
  1. Custom: This is Orchestrate based custom stage. Orchestrate operators are used for defining the functionality of   the job.
  2. Build: This is C++ based custom stage. Functionality has to be specified in C++ code.  This is then assembled with Build type stage.
  3. Wrapped: This is UNIX based custom stage. We can define the functionality by specifying the UNIX commands. These UNIX commands become the code of the stage.

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