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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Disable auto insertion of Partition and Sort

Partitioner insertion and sort insertion each make writing a flow easier by alleviating the need for a user to think about either partitioning or sorting data. By examining the requirements of operators in the flow, the parallel engine can insert partitioners, collectors and sorts as necessary within a data flow.

However, there are some situations where these features can be a avoided or not needed.
If data is pre-partitioned and pre-sorted, and the InfoSphere DataStage job is unaware of this, you could disable automatic partitioning and sorting for the whole job by setting the following environment variables while the job runs:


You can set these as "TRUE" to disable auto insertion by datastage. You can also disable partitioning on a per-link basis within your job design by explicitly setting a partitioning method of Same on the Input pagePartitioning tab of the stage the link is input to.
To disable sorting on a per-link basis, insert a Sort stage on the link, and set the Sort Key Mode option to Don't Sort (Previously Sorted).
IBM advise that average users leave both partitioner insertion and sort insertion alone, let Datastage handle this and that power users perform careful analysis before changing these options.

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