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Thursday, May 07, 2015

SQL Assignment05 - Aggregate Functions

1. List total loan.
2. List total deposit.
3. List total loan taken from KAROLBAGH branch.
4. List total deposit of customers having account date later than 1-Jan-96.
5. List total deposit of customers living in city Nagpur.
6. List maximum deposit of customers living in BOMBAY.
7. List total deposit of customers having branch city DELHI
8. List total deposit of customers living in the city where Sunil is living
9. Count total number of branch cities.
10. Count total number of customers cities.
11. Give branch name and branchwise deposit.
12. Give city name and citywise deposit.
13. Give citywise name and branchwise deposit.
14. Give branchwise deposit of customers after account date 1-Jan-96.
15. Give branchwise loan of customers living in Nagpur.
16. Count total no of customers.
17. Count total number of depositors branchwise.
18. Give maximum loan from branch VRCE
19. Give living citywise loan of borrowers.
20. Give the name of customers who are depositors as well as borrowers

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