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Wednesday, September 05, 2012

DataStage Error : Unable to connect with InfoSphere DataStage Clients

When connecting to InfoSphere DataStage one the following errors is received:

1. Failed to authenticate the current user against the selected Domain <Domain name>:
Could not locate the SecurityServer at host/port:/ to validate the userid and password entered. You may need to specify valid security ServerHost/Port in (WAS_INSTALL_ROOT)/properties/sas.client.props file.

2. Failed to authenticate the current user against the selected Domain:
Session id for principal [username] is null. Either the client is not using the ASB authentication service, or your server JAAS configuration is missing the proper ASB custom JAAS login  modules.


The problem is that the security for WAS has been disabled. You need to re-enable it for Information Server and DataStage to work.

        Open the WebSphere Administration Console
    Click on Security => Global Security
    Click the check box for "Enable Global Security"
    When you check this, it will also automatically check the box below it for "Enforce Java 2 security". You must uncheck this box.
    Save your changes and restart WAS

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Atul Singh

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