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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Enable NLS Support in IBM Information Server (Datastage) 8.1 after its installed

This process describes how to enable NLS Support in IBM Information Server (Datastage) 8.1 after its installed with the NLS disabled option. This avoids the need to uninstall and reinstall datastage with NLS enabled.

1. Stop the DS Engine.

# cd /IBM InformationServer/Server/DSEngine

# . ./dsenv

# bin/uv -admin -stop

Make sure no processes are still running (ps -ef |grep dscs, ps -ef |grep phanotm, ps -ef |grep dsapi, netstat -a |grep dsrpc). The processes in FINWAIT state may need 15-20 mins to go down. Else try a graceful kill (kill -15) and if that doesn't work then do a hard kill (kill -9) to end these processes.

Then stop the Node Agents

# cd /InformationServer/ASBNode/bin
# ./NodeAgents.sh stop

2. Locate the IBM Information Server directory on the system (eg /IBM InformationServer) and navigate to Server/DSEngine

3. Run the script called nls.install as root. This will create the NLS directory and will append the NLS config settings to the uvconfig which you can configure based on your system and locale requirements

4. Once the configuration is done, you'll need to regenerate the UniVerse environment. You can do that by navigating to the DSEngine directory cd /IBM InformationServer/Server/DSEngine and running the following command

# . ./dsenv

# bin/uvregen

This will regenerate the UniVerse environment and the changes made to the uvconfig file will be picked up.

5. Then bring up the DSEngine by

# bin/uv -admin -start

And start the node agents

# ./NodeAgents.sh start

6. You can check that NLS is now enabled either from Administrator client or from the NLS Admin prompt. You can set further options and install locale maps etc from this menu

# bin/uvsh


Further information about configuring NLS can be found in the NLS Admin and Config Guide. See attachments for nls.install script and the NLS Admin and Config Guide.

njoy the simplicity.......
Atul Singh

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