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Tuesday, February 05, 2013

ODBC Configuration in DataStage

For configure the DataStage ODBC connections, need to edit three files to set up the required ODBC connections. These are:
  • dsenv
  • .odbc.ini
  • uvodbc.config
All three are located in the $DSHOME directory. Copies of uvodbc.config are also placed in the project directories.

Non-wire drivers require different setup information than wire drivers. Non-wire drivers require information about the location of the database client software. Wire drivers require information about the database itself.

For information about configuring the ODBC environment for your specific database, see the Data Direct Drivers Reference manual odbcref.pdf file located in the $DSHOME/Server/branded_odbc/books/odbc directory. You should also check the ODBCREAD.ME file in the branded_odbc directory. There is also an html file located in branded_odbc/odbchelp.

An important feature of DataStage is the ability to import table definitions from existing data sources. Depending on the datasource, users will use a combination of two methods to import meta-data into DataStage. The first method is to use the DSDB2 Plugin Import (Import -> Table Defintions -> Plug-In -> DSDB2). This method works great when you are dealing with a database that has just a few hundred tables. When a database grows upwards of 1000 and above, it is a better idea to use the ODBC import because the ODBC import allows the user to filter the tables that they want to see, thereby removing the need to list all of the tables in the database to then select the one that is wanted.

dsenv file 
The WebSphere DataStage server has a centralized file for storing environment variables called dsenv in $DSHOME. $DSHOME identifies the WebSphere DataStage installation directory. The default directory is /opt/IBM/InformationServer/Server/DSEngine.

For more details please visit :   
dsenv file in DataStage
Example "DSENV" file

.odbc.ini file
The .odbc.ini files gives information about connecting to the database (wire protocol drivers) or the database client (non-wire protocol drivers). If your system uses a mix of drivers, your .odbc.ini file will contain a mix of entry types.

For more details please visit :
.odbc.ini file in DataStage

.odbc.ini EXAMPLE file

uvodbc.config file
Use the uvodbc.config file to specify the DSNs for the databases that you are connecting to through ODBC. 

For more details please visit :
uvodbc.config File